IPNET KENYA 5th CONFERENCE SCHEDULED 15th -18th November 2016.

IPNET KENYA is all-health professionals’ society that promotes Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures and advances the field of healthcare epidemiology. The IPNET-Kenya conference is held after every 2 years and aims to raise the standards of Infection Prevention in Kenya. However, the fifth conference has been scheduled to be on 15th -18th November 2016. It comes earlier than expected because 2017 is a General Election year in Kenya.

IPNET KENYA Conference hosts approximately 250 delegates from healthcare background comprising;

  1. Infection Control African Network (ICAN)
  2. IPC consultants and specialists across the world,
  3. Ministry of health officials
  4. Esteemed public health, veterinary, Medical Laboratory, medical lecturers
  5. Heads of Health institutions eg. CDC Kenya, KEMRI,
  6. Hospital administrators
  7. Representatives of county governments
  8. Infection prevention and Control teams from public and private hospitals
  9. Health professionals at individual capacities
  10. Students pursing medical, public health, veterinary and related courses.
  11. Manufacturers and Traders in IPC commodities
  12. Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) Kenya

The conference provides a platform to inform, educate, update, and inspire health professionals on IPC and Antimicrobial Resistance practices through keynote presentations, posters presentations, oral presentations and discussions. Therefore, it provides a great opportunity for the attendants to gain new knowledge, share technical and clinical experiences, network with colleagues, and communicate with industry partners on infection control and antimicrobial resistance stewardship.

Moreover, it presents the right audience and timing for health professionals to meet, share opinion and science of improving their own safety as well as that of their clients, families, communities and world at large. Kindly prepare your presentation on time and purpose to attend.

Author: Mbogori Maurice

Administrator IPNET-KENYA.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.