ICAN/ICAZ Conference 2014 - Presentations

Our Conference in Harare was a huge success – you can now download the presentations as listed below.

AMR Presentations
Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae IS Mehtar(1)
CPE treatment november 2014
MDR adults Senegal B Ndoye
MRSA I Gould
N.Damani CRE
Prof R. Gunturu AMS program ppt
Resistance in West AfricaPTattevin

Critical Care Units Presentations
Dramowski IPC in neonates
Infection Prevention Oncology JMayfield
Infections and AMR in ICU 2014 F Ogunsola
IPC in dialysis unit

Decontamination and Sterilization
Decontamination Services T Bradley
Endoscope decontamination facilities TBradley
Sterilization QA PNewson

EBOLA talks including WHO guidelines
Beating the Virus- Lessons learnt
Ebola surveillance Guinea JM Namahoro
ICAN CARE Model F Marais
Lessons learnt from Ebola S Mehtar for IPC day 30th Oct 2014 (final)
Shortage PPE in Ebola outbreak Namahoro
WHO guidelines Allegranzi

Environmental Cleaning
Bed Cleaning J Hopman
Bedpan management Knippenberg
Systems to evaluate environmental cleanliness J Hopman

Hand Hygiene
Hand Hygiene Senegal BNdoye
Improving HHM Abdel Nasser
Influence of hand hygiene on IPC in Kenya LNgwenya

Hepatitis and other viral infections… HIV
Bulabula_Parasites and HIV
Common Viral infections in Africa-InfluenzaLNdegwa
Hepatitis B and C in Africa1
Opportunistic fungal infections and HIV infection V Robertson
Rotavirus Paeds Dramowski

How to Series
Managing Laundry L Ummels
PPE A Malambo

IPC Education
A national IPC training strategy in ZimbabweRobertson
Education S Mehtar

Keynote addresses
Environmental disinfection S Sattar
Hand Hygiene D Pittet
PCR or culture P Mason
Yves Chartier Memorial Lecture A Voss

ALLEGRANZI.SSIBest practices(1)
SSI surveillance A Aiken
SSI surveillance J Solomkin

HAI Surveillance in Rwanda Namahoro
N.Damani Surveillance

Waste Management
Becareful What you wish for..Krisiunas.
GEF-UNDP Project B Ndoye
Green Care is Safer Care O Rasslan(1)
Stringer ICAN 2014

WHO Guidelines
CSSD N. Damani
N. Damani CSSD WHO guidelines
Safe injectn WHO Allegranzi

Measuring the Effectivness of TBIC in hivsettingsG Lipke.cne(1)
N.Damani WATER ICAN Final 4th Nov 2014 FINAL
Presentations for the ICAN Website
Ventilation Hoffman