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The Role of IPNET-Kenya in infection control in Kenya and the region

Our Mission

To promote patient and staff safety in the healthcare settings by:

  • promoting IPC measures
  • advancing the field of healthcare epidemiology.

Our Goals

  • Encourage and facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration on IPC issues
  • Create opportunities for healthcare professionals with interest in IPC
  • Work together to identify priorities and solutions in IPC

Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness of IPC issues nationally and regionally
  • To educate stakeholders on best practices of IPC
  • To provide a forum for regular exchange of information on IPC issues.
  • To prepare and disseminate IPC IEC materials
  • To recognize and certify of IPC professionals
  • To create an IPC database for research and decisions making
  • To mentor, train and promote professional development in IPC
  • To offer leadership in emergency preparedness, IPC, emerging and re-emerging diseases, bioterrorism, natural disasters
  • To collaborate and share expertise with other organisations
  • To promote high ethical standards in IPC


  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Students
  • Emeritus
  • must be a current member in good standing who has fully retired from the practice of IPC
  • Patron
  • firms or companies, which have an interest in, or concern about IPC.


  • Held 4 conferences, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 
  • Participated in 2014 Blood safety Conference
  • Partcipated in ICAN/ICAZ Conference 2014 - Meikles Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Supported M.O.H in development of Kenya National Policy and Guidelines on IPC, Curriculum for IPC, AMR surveillance guidelines etc

Accomplishments - Members

  • Ebola sensitization/awareness to schools and churches
  • CME to healthcare facilities
  • Membership to national IPC committees
  • Membership to Ebola preparedness teams-national/facility

Opportunities for IPNET

  • IPC training curriculum development
  • IPC sensitization/CME to facilities-the basics
  • Support MOH in IPC documents dissemination
  • Organize CME meetings and Workshops
  • Hold Scientific Conferences
  • Recruit more members
  • Ebola response
    • Trainings
    • Technical support
  • PPP with industry players to enhance IPC
    • Disinfectants/hand hygiene products
    • Injection devices
    • PPE
  • Collaboration with:
    • Professional associations
    • Training institutions
    • Counties and facilities


  • Lack of secretariat
  • Low membership
  • Lack of footprint in all counties
  • Lack of stand-by staff
  • Not maximizing ICT-Website, e-learning etc
  • Resources

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  • phone+254 700 357093
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